Knights Armament SR-25 ECR Special Edition (M-110 Test Rifle) + M110 Upgrade Kit.  This rifle was part of a military development program for the M110 sniper rifle.  Knights Armament refurbished a limited number of ECR test rifles, and did a special release to the public.  The SR-25 ECR Enhanced Combat Rifle is a purpose built precision rifle designed to engage targets out to 1000 meters.  The SR25/M110 is based loosely on the original AR-10 developed by Eugene Stoner


  • Knights Armament Reconditioned SR-25 Enhanced Combat Rifle (PN: 31751-TAN)
  • KAC 20″ Hammer Forged 5R Barrel
  • KAC 20 Rounds Magazine (L7 shown in photo)
  • KAC Ambidextrous SR-25 Lower Receiver
  • KAC Stage 2 Combat Trigger
  • KAC Micro Flip Up Sights
  • KAC Dual Ejector Bolt and Sand Cutter Carrier
  • KAC M110 Flash Hider
  • KAC M110 Compatible Gas Block
  • KAC M110 7.62 URX II with integrated flip-up front sight
  • KAC Factory FDE/tan Finish

MK110 Upgrade Package:

  • KAC M110 SASS Rifle Stock Assembly (Stock, buffer tube, spring, buffer)
  • KAC M110 Taupe 11 Rib Hand-guard Panel
  • KAC M110 A2 Taupe Grip
  • KAC Taupe One Piece Scope Mount, 30mm
  • Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 3.5-10x40mm 30mm M2

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